A look at our Bathroom Makeover

Finally I can show you the before and after pictures of our bathroom makeover.

Before and After bathroom reno

Last November finally came the most anticipated (by me) day of the year: the start of our guest (and mine) bathroom renovation.

It was way outdated, with ugly beige tiles, even including some tiles with a flower! Yes we did pick these when we had the house built 28 years ago. Hey what can I say, it was the style at the time.

It took me 2 years to convince my husband to go ahead with this, but I never thought such a small bathroom would require so much planning, visualizing and shopping LOL. As I mentioned before, even choosing a toilet was a big deal.

demo day
Demo Day

I had a hard time picking the wall and floor tiles. There is no way I was going with anything close to beige. So I was leaning towards greys. We found a vanity I love, with drawers, which the old one didn’t have. Plus I wanted a sink that was either ‘under’ the marble top or molded…no more crap accumulating around the edge of the sink.

The colors of the vanity, the wall and floor tiles should all nicely look awesome together. And because we went with an acrylic base, which is white, I didn’t want it to stand out so much. I chose lighter soft grey tiles for the wall and darker grey for the floor. Maybe it would have looked nice also if we had same tiles for the walls and floors.

bathroom accessories

I had fun finding different accessories for my new bathroom makeover, such as a cute small black garbage can at Walmart, it fits perfectly between the toilet and the vanity.

Again at Walmart, I bought black towels, black basket and black and white glass, soap dispenser and tooth paste and brush holder. And I found a black frame mirror on sale at Home Depot. Oh and I love my toilet paper dispenser with a space for my book!

Toilet paper holder

The best part of my new shower is the double shower heads. OH.MY.GOSH. It’s magical.

Before we had the usual standard tiny head that would barely rinse shampoo off my head. Now my whole body benefits from these jets. First time I took a shower in my new bathroom, I couldn’t help but make satisfying sounds. My husband came to the door and asked if I was ok because I guess it did sound like I was moaning LOL.

I’m so loving this bathroom renovation and I got to start right now talking about renovating the master bathroom…it might take another 2 years again!

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Ohh my goodness!! phenomenal!! @Lise you did a fantastic job..fall in love with your bathroom renovation..great work..


Looks so good!! We need a bathroom makeover and the shower. YES!! And gray is a good color!!


It looks lovely – very stylish! I want to do mine now!


Very classy!