I Bought an Electric Bike Because Getting Older Sucks!

That’s right, an electric bike, and nope it’s not cheating!

I still pedal like I did on my regular bike.

I’m not talking about the motorized seater or whatever they’re called.

Mine looks like a regular bike except it has a battery that activates a motor but only when I want to use it for ‘assistance’. It helps to give more push to my pedalling.

I bought an electric bike because getting older sucks!

Where I live, it’s full of hills, so going either left or right from my house, there is a hill and one is so steep, when you walk it up, you’re almost perpendicular to the road.

I had stopped biking for about 2 years because it really hurt my knees (which have been operated on) and I couldn’t go far anyway.

Then I saw this electric bike advertised in a magazine (yep for ‘mature’ people like me) and went in search of one. That completely changed my life.

Buttr Her Chamois CreamAnd last weekend I learned about this Butt Cream, yeah I laughed too, but it really exist.

It’s for biker’s butts to help sooth the skin where it rubs against the seat of the bike.

I still get a sore bum and yet I have this extra large padded seat. Maybe I should search the internet for other solutions….like a pillow!

Getting older sucks, that’s why you have to adjust to make up for it.

So what about winter – no electric bike?

I live in Quebec, Canada and we do get a lot of snow and it’s freezing most days. When I was younger, I used to go downhill skiing at least 3 times a week and it was wonderful. You don’t mind the cold when you can move and be challenged by getting down without falling LOL

Because of those darn knees, I can’t go downhill skiing anymore. I did cross-country skiing for a while but winters are not what they used to be around here. It could be very icy on those trails.

Lise in snowshoes My snowshoes replace my electric bike in the winter.

My friend and I go on the golf course just around the corner. We just put them on and start walking.

Weird thing is that regular walking on the street for more than 20 minutes really hurt my knees and ankles but I can snowshoe from 90 minutes to 2 hours and just feel great. Go figure.

And snowshoes are cheap and easy to carry, you don’t need to put wax on them (like cross-country skis).

When you get older, you need to still enjoy activities and the outside and adjusting is the key to stay young!

So what do I do for my brain?

Now as far as my brain goes, it’s still pretty much the same as when I was younger, maybe even better. Just my opinion!

But like all the other parts of the body, your mind still needs stimulation to stay young.

There are those brain games you can play, like luminosity and the likes. Some do puzzles.

Me, when I turned 50, I asked myself what I wanted to do for the rest of my life LOL. Truly. I could do anything that I love. So I learned how to create and design websites…that was 15 years ago and I had no idea how the internet worked.

Fast forward to today, I still have my own design website and this blog. I’m still active in the creative world and absolutely love it. I mingle with a much younger crowd on social media and I feel right at home. I help these entrepreneurs build professional and beautiful websites for their business. Who would have thought!

So everyday my brain cells are hard at work and that’s how I help it stay young!

So what about you? What do you do for fun?

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