10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets I Absolutely Need for Survival

Kitchen Gadgets I need

Because I hate cooking, I need these kitchen gadgets and tools to make my life easier.

I’m not your typical grandma who loves to cook and bake.

The kitchen is a dangerous place!

You can burn stuff (and yourself), you can cut yourself, you can slip on a wet floor after dropping food/liquid.

If like me, you have 2 dogs in your way, you might also trip!

If I could, I would stay away completely. Unfortunately, we need to eat.

When my grandsons are older, I will put on an apron (LOL) and bake cookies with them. That’s easy and fun.

But I’ll leave the teaching of ‘how to cook’ to their parents who are great at it and also love it.

This geek grandma will help them set up their own website early on and teach them how to design it!


1. NutriBullet for my Smoothies

I love smoothies.

They’re easy to make with my NutriBullet and a great way to ‘drink’ your fruits and vegetables.

The grandkids won’t noticed they’re getting their veggie servings.

I add lots of fresh mint for additional flavor.

And it even comes with a recipe book!

2. Wine Saver Pump Preserver

I’m the only one who drinks wine.

So when I want a glass at dinner, this wonderful little gadget will preserve what is left in the opened bottle for up to 14 days.

I simply put stopper on top of the bottle and pump the air out to keep the wine fresh. 

Cooking is a bitch!

A glass of wine while prepping dinner is a must in my kitchen!

wine saver pump, one of my favorite kitchen gadgets

3. Oster Coffee Maker

Oster Coffe Maker

Coffee in the morning is a must for me to wake up my brain.

This is my favorite coffee maker of all times for 2 reasons:

l) I love the thermal carafe that will keep the coffee hot for 2 hours without any taste of burned coffee.

2) The removable water reservoir makes it real easy to fill it up.

It’s made by Oster in Canada. It’s similar in features to this coffee maker.

4. SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

This was a gift from me to my husband 2 years ago.

But he still prefers to buy carbonated water at the grocery store. Go figure!

I’ve been using it for myself instead. 🙂

Fast and easy to have some sparkling water any time I want.

It only take a few seconds: fill up the bottle with tap water, attach it to the machine and push the top…done!

You can also buy bottles of different flavors to add to the fizzy water.


5. My Alaska Ulu Knife

Ulu Alaska kitchen gadget

Love Love this unique knife!

I bought mine when we cruised to Alaska 22 years ago.

Its shape makes it so easy to cut/chop vegetables as it creates the rocking motion chefs use with no effort while I struggle with straight knives.

This kitchen tool makes me feel like a pro!

6. My Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

I use this inexpensive rice cooker all the time.

While the rice is cooking in the lower part, I add vegetables (such as broccoli) to the steamer in the top part.

Rice will be done in about 15-20 minutes.

It comes with a steam tray, measuring cup and spatula.

Rice Cooker and Steamer

7. Egg Poacher Pan

Egg poacher pan

The healthy side of me prefers poached eggs because you don’t need any butter or oil.

I’ve tried before the vortex way, in a pan of boiling water, but my poached eggs never came out like they do on videos and it’s more work!

This egg poacher pan definitely is faster, easy and no mess.

8. Clay Cooking Pot

This is the perfect pot for a roast, a chicken or braises. My sister-in-law gave it to me some 40 years ago. It’s got age spots LOL.

I don’t need to add any fat or water. The meat cooks in its own juices.

Cooking a whole chicken in this pot is fantastic. I just add carrots, onions and potatoes around the chicken, put the lid on and in the oven it goes. And voila! 2 1/2 hours later, dinner is ready.

Clay Cooking Pot

9. Griddler by Cuisinart

Griddler by Cuisinard

This griddler is very useful and versatile.

I cook hot dogs, grilled cheese, hamburger buns and waffles on it.

The cooking plates are removable and reversible.

I’ve had it for a long time and it sits on my kitchen counter because I use it every week.

10. Spill Stopper Lid Cover

I’m so bad at boiling water! I turn around for a minute and it starts spilling on the stove top.

I do love my kitchen gadgets. When I saw this spill stopper lid I just had to buy and try it.

It works! No more spilling.

Be aware: when you take it off the pot, the steam is really hot and intense. Be careful not to burn yourself.

No spill lid cover

Of course, like most people, I also have a crockpot. I love that it does all the work for me. Last week I made a pork loin in it and it was absolutely delicious and juicy. No mess in the oven. 🙂

Need some recipe inspiration?

Ricardo’s is my go-to recipe site as everyone else’s too I know here in Quebec. The recipes are easy and delicious.

Ricardo has become a household name all over Canada. He’s a celebrity chef, author, TV personality and entrepreneur. And yes, he has a last name, but just like Cher, he doesn’t need one LOL.

So what kind of kitchen gadgets and tools are in your kitchen?


  1. Hmmm for someone who doesn’t like the kitchen, you sure have a lot of gadgets… I also HATE the kitchen, hence I avoid kitchen gadgets!!!! ????… but u go girl, ur better in the kitchen than Moi!!! ???

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