12 Easy and Tested Crafts for Toddlers That Will be Fun

Easy Crafts for Toddlers

This post about easy kids crafts for toddlers is going to be so useful to me when my grandson gets closed to 2 years old in May.

Right now, he’s full of energy and constantly moving from one toy or book, or loves when I chase after him.

The longest I got him to sit still on my laps last week was to show him pictures of himself on my cell phone as well as dogs on Facebook! I love technology 🙂

I’m not a crafty person at all, I’m a geek!

My computer, this blog are my kind of craft.

When my grandsons (one is on the way in March) are older, they will learn how to code from this grandma. LOL.


Pinecone Owl Winter Kid Craft

Pinecone Owls Kids Craft

Learn how to make owls out of pinecones. They are fun and easy to show the crafter’s personality by mixing up the colors used.

Handprint Carterpillar

This handprint caterpillar craft is a cute kid-made gift for parents, grandparents, and family!

Paper Plate Pig Craft For Toddlers

Paper plate pig craft for kids

This paper plate pig craft is a simple and fun activity even the youngest of kids can do. It’s the perfect easy kids craft for toddlers.

Dinosaur Bags

Dinosaur bags

Create some cute Dino bags. These little bags are a fun craft and the perfect way to pack a snack for a trip to the park.

Salt Painting

How to salt paint

Kid’s of all ages enjoy doing this activity! Gather the kids and start salt painting! This is also a fun activity for a group of kids or even a party!

2 Ingredients Slime

Easy glitter slime recipe

The kids absolutely loved it and it was the easiest slime recipe ever! Seriously! So simple!

How to Paint Heart Rocks

paint heart shaped rocks

Collect heart or triangle shaped rocks and paint a gorgeous variety for Valentine’s Day. Here are 11 ways to paint heart rocks, easy kids craft ideas.

DIY Heart Wreath Photo Collage

A heartwarming keepsake to make with your child this Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift for loved ones, including grandma!

Easy Lollipops

Easy lollipops

These lollipops are so simple to make and a great activity to do with the kids so they can share them with their friends. Would be great also to sell at a bake sale.

Kids Handprint Art Ideas

As a parent, you know how quickly time passes by. Handprint art (and footprint art, too) is such a great way to immortalize those precious little prints for all time.

Paper Plate Animal Masks

Paper plate animal masks

These paper plate animal masks are sure to become not only a fun craft project to do with your toddler but a fun tool to use while reading books or playing pretend. We love how easy they are to make too! 

Printable Grape Craft Ideas

This would be a fun craft for kids to make for anyone special that they think is “great” aka “grape”. Parents and Grandparents would love to receive this cute little kids craft to be displayed proudly on their fridge.

There are so many creative moms and grandmothers out there that come up with fantastic craft ideas. I’m super impressed!

I created a Pinterest board especially for collecting articles and tutorials on crafts for kids for me and anyone else who needs help entertaining our grandkids.

I’m really new at being a grandmother, so have a lot to learn and will be sharing my journey here.

How did it go? Did you try any of these wonderful crafts for toddlers? Do you have suggestions for other ideas to keep the little ones quiet and occupied for a little time?

If so, please share in the comments below.

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