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How to Find Color Inspiration for Your Blog the Easy Way

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So there you are, either starting a new blog, setting up a new website or just updating an existing one with a new look and you need to find some color inspiration for your ‘brand’.

Branding has been quite the buzz word lately, everyone advises you that you need to focus on it. And what exactly is branding?

It consists of a few elements:

  • colors
  • logo
  • style
  • personality

Over the years, I have designed and redesigned over 500 websites and the first step has always been to find a color palette. And I have always followed the same system to do just that, which I’ll explain below.

But I was reading everywhere that the way to do it was to create a secret board on Pinterest and add to it all the pins I could find that were favorites. And then from those, to narrow it down to a few and see what colors popup. And then create the moodboard from this.

Well, let me tell you that this was very hard work, took a long time to find inspiration and finally to decide on a color palette for my site.

My color inspiration system is so much easier

Instead of using Pinterest, I browse Pixabay, my favorite place for free photos, and add images that I love to my ‘favorites’ in my account (it’s free).

Once I have a few, I open each one and using my color picker, a Chrome extension called ColorZilla, I search for different ones that I like. The beauty of this system is that you know all the colors in that one picture already go well together, so you can find all the ones you need in one place.

Another benefit from using a photo site, is that if you might need a big image (called hero image) for your home page that relates to your niche, you can find the perfect one here and pick your colors from it!

Stick to 3 colors at the most

The 3 colors are for designing the different elements of your site. I’m not counting the black that would usually be used for the content.

So let’s see some examples:

Color palettes that already exist in the image
Salmon & Aqua combo
Green & Gray Combo

In about 30 minutes, I already found color schemes from 2 images.

Use Canva to create your color inspiration boards

It’s very easy to create different color combinations so you can decide which one you want to go with . Just go to and use any custom dimension (500px by 200px) that you want and in the left sidebar, Click on elements and use one of the grids, as I have done below.

Color inspiration for your blog

I picked one that had space for a picture I want to use as my inspiration and then small blocks to add the different colors.

Upload the picture you downloaded from Pixabay and drag it in the big rectangle, then using a color picker, move over the image until you like a color you want to try, Copy the hex code and click on one of the rectangles and then at the top, the color wheel and add the new color there. Repeat for the other rectangles with another color.

Try to design a few boards from one or two pictures so you can have a choice.

Let me know below if you have any problems. And would love to know if this post has helped you find color inspiration for your blog.


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