20 Fun Facts About the Caribbean You Want to Know

snorkelling at Princess Cays

Do you like trivia? Ok then you DO need to know these facts about the Caribbean! If not, well you can always impress your friends! 🙂

These little tidbits are not usually something you’ll find in wikipedia. I learned them from our cruises, our shore excursions and other passengers. Enjoy!


As of June 2019, there are 84 cruise ports in the Caribbean. Some of them are only accessible to smaller ships and luxury yachts.

Grand Cayman

Stingray City is not a real city. We found out in a funny way. Years ago, my husband asked someone at the shore excursion counter if we could take a taxi there, and the lady couldn’t resist laughing before telling us it was a sandbank in the middle of the ocean and could only get there by boat!

Grand Cayman Stingray citiy | Caribbean island
Stingray City – in the middle of the ocean!

You can go to Hell in Grand Cayman! A quick stop when touring the island, where you’ll find a post office and a gift shop. Mail a postcard from Hell, buy a hat or t-shirt claiming you’ve been to Hell and back and get your passport stamped proving you’ve been to Hell.

Dominica and St.Vincent

Are 2 islands we visited where some parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed. My friend Levi from Bumpiing Tours was a driver during the filming bringing crew and actors to a specific spot in Dominica.


Has 365 white-sandy beaches, one for each day of the year!

St. John

Is the smallest U.S. Virgin Island and only a 30-minute ferry ride away from St-Thomas.

The ABC islands

Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are located just above South America and fortunately outside the hurricane belt.


Napoleon’s bride Josephine was born on this island and raised on a sugarcane plantation.

St. Thomas

St-Thomas harbor

Was purchased by the U.S. for $25 million.

Up to 7 cruise ships can be docked here on the same day.


It is forbidden to wear camouflage clothing, as it is reserved for the military.


The Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge is a popular attraction in town as it swings open to allow smaller ships to access the bay.

Floating bridge in Curacao
Floating bridge in Curaçao


The 400-foot Antilla is one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

Beautiful flamingos walk around freely on the beach of Aruba’s private Renaissance island.


2 countries share this island: France and the Netherlands. Crossing the border between each requires no passport/visa or even stopping.

Orient Bay beach is on the St. Martin side and is known as the “Saint Tropez of the Caribbean“. Also famous for its naturist beach located on the extreme South of the bay.


Palancar Reef is considered to be one of the top 5 reefs in the world.


Is home to over 10,000 flamingos. You can find a flamingo sanctuary in the Southern part of the island.

You can also find a flip-flop tree that has at least 150 flip-flops! We saw it when we toured the island in our golf cart, but darn, I didn’t take a picture of it!


Is called the Spice Island. You can actually smell the nutmeg in the air.

First time we cruised there, I bought nutmeg in its natural form, you know these hard shell balls. After we got home, one night I decided to use it for whatever I was cooking.

I started grating one ball and nothing was happening. I now know you have to break open that outer shell! Hey, I’m not a cook, as a matter of fact, I hate cooking. 🙂

If you know any fun facts I missed, please let me know for sure.


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