How the Internet has changed our lives, for the better I say

Internet changed our lives

Let’s take a look at how the internet has changed our lives.

Did you know the first web page went live on August 6th, 1991. Now we just call it the ‘internet’ but back then it was called the ‘World Wide Web’.

I was reading a novel not long ago and in a chapter, a 16-year old girl asked herself: How did they know anything before Google?  Which cracked me up. 

Life before Google or Pre Internet

Indeed, how did we find information about anything?

We had to go look it up at the library or in the encyclopedia. We still have these 12-volume Britannica books here at my house. My husband doesn’t get rid of anything. I doubt they are worth anything. They just collect dust!

Google knows everything! except for me of course LOL

this is my husband’s t-shirt which he wears at some point on our cruises

Google is 22 years old. Google was officially launched in 1998.

It’s everyone’s go-to for anything.  It has even become a verb:  “I’ll google it”.  

It can come up with dozens of answers to your questions in an instant.  The information is there at our fingertips. 

I even got for Christmas last year the Google Home Mini and I can ask her (yep I decided it’s a female) anything even to play music.

I use Google for my emails, for writing, to find keywords for my posts, look up the weather, search for a recipe, read reviews of products I want to buy, etc.  There are so many ways to use Google and the Internet.

Life Before Social Media

Well, it was like this:

Kids would play outside a lot more than today.

We talked to each other in person.

There was only one phone, yes a rotary phone in the house.

There was snail mail, not email.

We used to write with paper and pencil and not text with our phone.

How the Internet has Changed our Lives for the better

Covid-19 is still around today July 9th, 2020 and if this was life before technology, our lives would be a lot different.

No connection to the rest of the world.

No options of working from home.

No Facetime with our families.

No instant news of what is happening.

Everyone would be even more isolated.

An so much more!

When it comes to today’s technology, I absolutely LOVE it!  

How the internet has changed our lives - dog with glasses looking at laptop screen

I know people of my generation who don’t like computers, the internet and even some don’t even have a computer.  Oh my!  I would be lost without access to my emails, my blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you’re working from home, like I do, you’re not alone anymore.  For 15 years or so, I designed websites for clients from all over the world and actually talked to them via Google Hangout or Skype. To me that’s so cool!

I have made online blogging friends who speak the same language as me, i.e. WordPress, CSS, code, marketing, etc.  We have a weekly meeting online to talk about our frustrations, our goals, our successes. 

Facebook groups make it possible to meet others with the same interests, whether for work or pleasure.  Our immediate world has expanded because of them.

My daughter, who has a 4-month old baby and a 2-year old,  can find help through groups of mothers who have been or are going through the same stages.  She can ask about bottles, feeding, etc.  She can also search and buy used baby stuff from local Facebook groups.

I wish that was available to me when she was growing up.

We can buy stuff online (which has been very useful when we couldn’t go shopping physically), and we can sell our stuff online.

We can find old friends or schoolmates on Facebook. This is what happened to me. Someone found me on Facebook and others from 52 years ago when we went to school together. We met for lunch 3 times now, all 16 of us. Now that’s special.

Yes, life before technology as we know it today was different, but not necessarily better.

Technology I use on a daily basis

Cell phone: it was only 6 years ago that I finally got a smartphone.  It took me a while to actually leave it on all day.  I would forget since I’m mostly at home, in front of my computer and we still have a landline.  So it was in my purse, in case of emergency when I went out. 

You would have laughed at me when my daughter first showed me how to text on that first phone.  We were in a shopping mall and we went our separate ways and we’re to text each other when ready to meet for lunch.  When she did text me, it took me so long to write my text, she met me before I could even finish it.

I’m faster now but still I’m really intrigued when I see young people texting, how the heck can they move their thumbs so fast?

Now I keep my phone on all day, beside me, in case my daughter sends me a text or a Messenger, which works perfectly since I don’t have Facebook open on my desktop while I work, the temptation to scroll would be too much.

Laptop: I’m an “Apple” fan, I love Mac.  I switched from a PC years ago and never looked back.  When I go in the Apple store, I’m like a kid in a candy store.  I use my laptop to check my emails and do some writing, or follow a recipe.

Desktop: I have a big Mac, 🙂 21” screen and this is where most of my work is done.  Everyday, I’m sitting at my desk working on blog related stuff. 

iPad: I use it to play games before I go to bed, or to look up a recipe while I’m cooking it.  I have a little stand so it can stay open.  I also bring my iPad when we go on cruises, it’s small enough to fit in my purse and it’s what I used on the ship to go online.  Plus I download Netflix shows to watch on the plane, since they took away the in-flight movies, except on long-distance flights.  

E-reader: I love my reader.  I downloaded a lot of books and I find it’s really doesn’t take much room in my carry-on when I travel.  I do still enjoy reading a ‘paper’ book and I alternate between the two.

Growing old with the internet and Google

I look at it this way:  If we were still before Google and the Internet, I have no idea what I would do to keep myself busy.  Probably sit in a rocking chair and watch the world go by!  What a dreadful thought…

I hope to be able to continue working until I can’t  anymore.  As far as I’m concerned,  it forces my brain to stay young and happy.  


  1. I tend to feel guilty if I am on the computer all day. Thanks for this refreshing insight on the positives.
    I love your line ‘continue working until I can’t anymore’, such a great love for life!

    1. Hi Ellie, yes sometimes I do too, feel guilty. That’s when I decide to go shopping, or walk the dog LOL! Good luck with your new blog.

  2. You had me at “Probably sit in a rocking chair and watch the world go by! ” I literally laughed out loud. Not that there’s anything wrong with rocking chairs, or sitting in them and watching the world go by for a couple of hours, with that e-reader in hand, of course!

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