Life Hacks and Tips

The Ultimate Printable Collection

While I was happily pinning on Pinterest, I came across different kind of hacks and started a board for these.

But there were so many!

I started to keep them as a list on my computer so I could refer to it next time I needed a solution to a problem. But then I printed it so I could have easy access to it.

That’s when I figured others might appreciate such a list too and decided to share it with my subscribers.

Organized into 4 categories:

Cleaning and Organizing – Food – Travel – Miscellaneous

Some Example of hacks & tips

Cleaning TV/computer screens – use coffee filters to clean them without leaving fibers like towels

Onions – to cut onions without crying, put them in the freezer first

Weeds – pour some baking soda directly onto the weeds and they will die

There is a total of 77 hacks and tips

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