Stuff I Love and Use

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My Waterproof Camera

I love it. It small and easy to pack and carry. It takes great pictures underwater and above water.

My Comfortable Headphones

I use them to listen to music, to watch Netflix on my iPad and sometimes when I’m on Skype. They are very comfortable.

My Selfie Stick Tripod

Finally bought this to use at home or on cruises. Very useful, as my husband is not very good at taking pictures.

My Rice Cooker

Such a great kitchen appliance to have. Cooks rice while you prepare the rest of your meal. It has a handy steamer on top to cook veggies such as broccoli while the rice is cooking.

The Cake Mix Book

I know right , did I need 160 new recipes? Probably not but I couldn’t resist. I need my cake fix.

My Lovely Stand Mixer

Finally got me this beauty for my birthday! This stand mixer is perfect size and does what I need.

Behind the Scenes

Products I Use to make this blog happen


Self-Hosted Platform

Love WordPress. I have been using it for all my sites over the last 18 years.


WordPress Theme & Plugin

I love this theme and their Kadence Blocks plugin. Easy to customize. And Free.


SEO Plugin

In my opinion, much better and easier to use than any other SEO plugins.