My life after 60


My first personal blog! It’s exciting and scary as I decided to embrace my age, my grey hair and my life after 60.

I’ve been online for the last 16 years designing websites which is a passion I found when I was 54 years old. Before that, the internet was a mystery to me. I had an email account that came with our service provider but I never used it.

I learned web design and playing with graphics all by myself (and the internet) and I’m very proud to say that I can now have ‘techie’ conversations with my daughter’s boyfriend and his graphic designer friend who are 30 years old. That’s what I would call a ‘generation gap’ 😎

I love what I do but suddenly I needed an outlet to say what goes through my head as I embrace my life after 60…Even if nobody reads my posts, I’ll be able to read them back in a few years and relive the memories.

I’m no expert in fashion or beauty (I don’t wear makeup, I don’t do my nails, I’m not the girly type), fitness (OMG not at all!), health, so the only tips or advice you’ll find here are the ones I discovered online on other sites that do specialize in these topics. BUT I can definitively share my tips on travel and cruises.

If you stick around:

  • you’ll find out what happens when I get into some projects, like redoing the guest bathroom, which might be funny at times
  • You’ll find out that because I hate cooking, I have a ton of easy recipes to add here for you to try (and it’s a good way for me not to loose them)
  • you’ll find me talking about our travels (past and future)
  • I might comment on the reality shows I watch (humm I should say addicted!), and I might complain about the weather ( I don’t like cold or very hot weather) and life in general – interesting stuff, websites, forums, etc. 🙂

All in good spirits!

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Hi Lise, thanks for contacting me today and your very kind and helpful suggestions which I’m looking into on another browser as I type! I love your blog and it seems as if you’re going to get lots of readers! So nice to hear of someone else in this age bracket who’s embracing tech savvy – hope to come back often.


Boy am I jealous of your travels. My goal has been to mountain bike in as many places as possible around the world, but I have yet to visit another country except Mexico. And that was before mountain biking!


Lise, I love your angle! Your beautiful personality shines through the entire site. I look forward reading your thoughts on life and travel! You are one of a kind and that’s why I love working with you too! Go Girl!

Kathy Howe

Best wishes on your new blog! I love the map of all your travels. You have certainly traveled to many places. I hope you share some of your travel experiences with us!

Anna Maria

Congratulations! I love reading about your passions and adventures!


Bravo ma cousine! Looking forward to reading you. Xx

Sveta melchuk

Way to go! Your fan 🙂


Oh Lise, I am so excited that you are following you passion and have your own personal blog! I cannot wait to read about The Adventures of Lise! 60 is the new 30 🙂 Love ya!


Hey Lise!

Glad to see you getting up and running. Best of luck with the new blog.
I look forward to reading it. There is a little tweaking we are going to do on our end (at Postmatic) to help your share icons look even better.
Look for it in our next realease.

Best, Jason