Photo Tour of Delicious Food we Enjoyed on Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess food

Delicious food we enjoyed on Caribbean Princess is included in the Main Dining Rooms, in the Marketplace Buffet, at the Pizza and the Salty Dog counters, and the International Cafe. Some smaller Princess cruise ships might not have some of these options,

Years ago, cruise lines came up with the idea of ‘Specialty Restaurants’ offering different menus from the food included, for a minimal cover charge.

These cruise ship restaurants are worth discovering if it’s in your budget, or maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary or birthday.

This past cruise on the Caribbean Princess, we had a lot of onboard credit to spend so we decided to eat at each of the 4 specialty restaurants.

Sabatini Italian Trattoria – cover charge $25. per person

We were very impressed with the small intimate space, the friendly service and the food, which was absolutely delicious.

My husband’s entrees and main meal

Sabatini Restaurant Caribbean Princess
Fried Calamari – Linguini Carbonara – Veal Marsala

And my own entrees and main dish

Caribbean Princess food
Burrata cheese & tomato – Mushroom Risotto – Sole Picatta

Talk about desserts!

Dessert sampler – Rocher (big Ferrero Rocher) – Intimate restaurant

The Crown Grill – Cover charge $29. per person

The first time we tried this restaurant was to celebrate my husband’s birthday years ago. And keep going back on each cruise. You better eat slowly because there’s so much food.

Crown Grill Restaurant - Caribbean Princess
Appetizers, main meal and desserts

The Desserts – sorry no photos!

Next time we enjoy dinner at the Crown Grill I will definitely take pictures of the desserts. In the meantime, here’s a list.

Molten Dutch Chocolate Fudge Obsession

Seven layer S’mores Stack

Lemon Meringue Pudding Tart

The Crown Dependence (Sampler of all desserts)

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar – This dessert is a tribute to the love and marriage of peanut butter and chocolate. The base of this delicious dessert, developed by Chef Love, is a moist cake made from almond flour and brown butter topped with a silky, smooth peanut butter cream and topped with a layer of milk chocolate mousse.

Plank – Cover Charge $12. per person

Plank Restaurant - Caribbean Princess
Appetizers, main meal and desserts

They bring to the table cornbread, pimento cream cheese and meatballs as starters.

Then we both decided on a wedge of salad with cheese, black beans and dressing.

For the main meal, you pick 4 different meats from a list of 6, and it comes with sauces, chili, fries and garlic bread. We both chose the pulled pork(doubled portion) a chicken thigh, and ribs.

Desserts were key lime pie in a jar and strawberry shortcake.

It was good but we preferred this next one….

Steamers – Cover Charge $12. per person

Steamer Restaurant - Caribbean Princess
Appetizers – Seafood Platter and dessert

At this specialty restaurant, you have a choice of different steamers: mussels or clams or what we picked, the Princess Fried Seafood Platter which included shrimps, haddock and fishcakes along with fries.

As appetizers, I had the clam and smoked ham chowder while my husband had caesar salad. Dessert was the key lime pie in a jar. Everything was delicious.

Have you ever eaten at a Specialty restaurant on a cruise? Was it worth it?

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