If you read my post on stainless steel bowls, you know how important it is to choose safe bowls for your dog to eat and drink from.

In my house, we only use stainless steel bowls because they are durable, easy to clean and less chance to promote bacteria. My bowls are not the kinds sold for pets. I either bought them at garage sales or I originally used them for cooking. They are human food grade, similar to this one sold on Amazon.

I did some research for this post and I’m listing here the most popular and best reviewed stainless steel bowls for you.

Make sure you don’t buy a bowl made from thin stainless steel as it will probably rust.

We also elevate the bowls for the two big dogs. But we came up with our own DIY way to elevate the bowls! One food station is an old ceramic pot and the bowl fits perfectly on it. The second station is a round waste basket I bought at the Dollar store and again the bowl fits right in it.

If you prefer a more sophisticated food station, here are some popular ones with lots of good reviews.