I wrote about collars here and what their purpose really is.

Having had dogs over the last 30 years, we went through quite a few collars and they were the classic nylon you’ll find at the pet store.

That is until four years ago when I discovered ‘personalized’ collars with the dog’s name and our phone number printed or embroidered on it. Genius! No need for those metal tags dangling anymore.

personalized dog collar with name and phone number

This is my favorite collar from hotdogcollars.com and all my dogs are wearing one.

It comes with free custom personalization which is heat-sealed and repeated around the collar using big letters.

It has a life time guarantee and is made in the USA. It is machine washable and the material is very soft and smooth. This is the only place I found selling this kind of pet collar.

I also bought an embroidered one from an Etsy shop to test it out. The lettering is smaller and doesn’t go all around which makes it difficult to read the text since collars tend to move around the neck.

HotDogCollars.com also offer many other pet collar styles and materials and their pricing is very affordable.