If you get a new puppy you will need gates to restrict access to parts of your home.

Our living room is the only room in the house the dogs are not allowed in. But it doesn’t have a door! We have an ‘open concept’ layout and the opening is very wide and round, so no gates would fit. We’ve got our own DIY solution, a dog chair and a big horizontal box beside it. Yep we don’t entertain often, so we don’t care. LOL.

Then we had to find a solution to block the top of the stairs going down to the basement where the TV room is.

We didn’t want our senior dog to go down since he can’t get back up again now and our grandson was starting to walk.

We looked at different gates on the market and none would fit because one side is a wall but the other side is a railing.

Instead, we hired a friend to custom build one for us.

dog and baby gate

There are different styles available, retractable, for extra wide doors, for stairs, with a door and more. Check on Amazon for what’s available.