After all these years of living with dogs, we never used a harness, until about a month ago. And I love them. And the dogs seem more comfortable in them while walking since all three will pull to some degree.

It started with Happy the Beagle, who came to live with us and he had this harness by PetSafe which was supposed to prevent him from pulling a lot. It did a bit. But I don’t think it was the right harness for him. It was dangling and always on the side.

So I went in search of a good harness. I looked at many styles and read reviews. I did buy one but returned it as it wasn’t fitting properly either. Then on my Facebook feed, I saw an ad for a harness that looked comfortable, easy to put on and sturdy. It’s a different concept than the regular type of harnesses.

Happy in his dog harness

I looked at different websites and bought a less expensive one from a Canadian company, which I could pay in Canadian dollars.

This is the one I use on the Beagle, as shown on the picture here.

It works well, it is padded but the material is not waterproof and collects fur on the underside. It’s hard to clean.

But is much more enjoyable to walk the dog.

Now it was time to get another one to share between the Chocolate Lab and the Husky mix. I wanted the same concept but with waterproof material. I settled on buying it from PetsHarness and it was delivered in about 2 weeks. It fits perfectly on both dogs, it’s very sturdy, easy to clean, and waterproof. I also had our phone number printed on both sides and it is reflective.

Dog harness

There is a similar one on Amazon but it didn’t come with a customized velcro patch for the sides with our phone number on it. This type of harness is called no-pull and it says the dog will pull less. After reading reviews, if a dog is a great puller, the velcro strap under the chin might detach and the dog can slip away. We don’t have that problem. The Beagle will sometimes still pull a lot when he sees a squirrel, but I then use the handle on top of the harness to redirect him.

My suggestion is to read reviews and look at the different styles and see which harness might be best for you and your dog. You can always return your item if it doesn’t fit or is defective.