Regal Princess Review – Balcony Cabin D626

Regal Princess November 2018 - Cabin D626

I never wrote a review of any kind ever, but there’s a first time for everything, so without further ado, I’m happy to give you my Regal Princess review Cabin D626. 

We had cruised on her before but in November 2018, I took tons of pictures in preparation for this post.

The Regal Princess, along with the Royal and the Majestic are part of a new class of ships in the Princess Cruise Line fleet.


  • Crew: 1,346
  • Guests: 3,560
  • Tonnage: 142,229
  • Length: 1,083 feet
  • Height: 217 feet
  • Guests: 3,560


  • Inaugural Cruise: May 20, 2014
  • Christener: The original cast of “The Love Boat”
  • Guest Cabins: 1,780
  • Number of Decks: 19

A look inside Cabin D626 on Dolphin deck

What we like about Regal Princess

The Atrium called the Piazza

Regal Princess Piazza


It is huge and wide open, as you can see from the picture.  It’s very impressive and it has lots of nooks, chairs, tables on the bottom deck. 

You’ll also find the “International Cafe”, offering delicious breakfast staples, salads, sandwiches and desserts for free.  You can also pay for your favorite ‘fancy’ coffees or teas.

Tucked in the corners, are Passenger Services on one side and “Sabatini” a specialty restaurant on the other side.  And the impressive spa is also located here.

Alfredo Pizzeria

Regal Princess Alfredo Pizzeria

A small restaurant on the 6th deck, offering salads, yummy individual pizzas and calzones and it’s all free.

Flat Screen TV and Selections

In your cabin, you’ll find a flat screen TV which is great, but even better is the selection of movies and series you can watch in the comfort of your cabin.  Believe me, very useful when it’s football season and my husband is on top deck watching it on the big screen of Movies Under the Stars (MUTS for short).

The bigger shower

Yes, it’s a real treat.  It’s at least 1/3 longer than the older ships.  If you drop the soap, you don’t need to get out of the shower when bending down!

The Horizon Court

Regal Princess buffet at Horizon Court

The new layout buffet (different from older ships) is very impressive with big wide alleys offering so many options.  And the separate “Pastry Shop” section is amazing.

The Adult Only Retreat Pool Area

Regal Princess adult retreat

This was a new discovery for us. Pretty sure this Adult Only Retreat is new to this class of ship. It’s quiet, with lots of chairs and some shaded areas. And it’s free, unlike the Sanctuary which you have to pay extra to use.

The Food at the Buffet

Regal Princess Horizon Court

We prefer to go to the buffet for our meals. It’s quieter, I can sample lots of different food and we can eat when we want and not have to wait in line. The food is delicious, and is basically the same as in the dining rooms.

On the Regal Princess, the choices were fantastic.

We haven’t eating in the dining room for the last few years What can I say, been there, done that and frankly I found that tables were too close together, it was very loud and the waiters seemed very busy. It was not relaxing.

What we don’t like on the Regal Princess


Regal Princess small balcony

They are small and not very wide. There are 2 chairs and a very small table. We are used to much bigger balconies on the Caribe deck on the older ships. So much space.

We are balcony people! When it’s a day at sea, I love sitting there in the sun or shade depending on the state of my tan.

And my favorite activity at night, around 10 pm, is to sit on my balcony reading my book, with the ocean sounds as a backdrop. So yes, even a smaller balcony is a must for us.

Princess Live

It’s a space where they have afternoon trivia, game shows, dance music, etc. The set up looks like the audience you would see on a live TV show, just rows of seats.

On the older ships, the Explorers Lounge is used for that kind of activity and we find it has more ambiance. There are padded chairs and tables for your drinks.


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