The Saga of the Cursed Toilet!

Did you know there’s more to choosing the best toilet than just the price? Unless you’ve been through this lately, you won’t believe how complicated it is to find the right toilet for you.

This week, we’re having our ‘guest bathroom’ redone. . . and it’s about time too, it’s really outdated after 28 years, but of course my husband doesn’t agree! His motto: if it’s working, no need to change it. Apparently it’s a male thing!

It took me 2 years to convince him to redo the kitchen and same thing for this bathroom. When this one is finished, I’ll start again bugging him for the main bathroom renovation πŸ™‚

We are replacing the tub with a walk-in shower, YESSSS! (it’s the bathroom I use) so we had to do a lot of research for the shower and shop for:

  • ceramic base or tile base
  • the thickness of the glass doors
  • the tiles for the walls and the floor (color and size)
  • find a vanity that would fit, with drawers
  • a mirror
  • a light fixture to go over the vanity
  • a shower kit
  • a faucet
  • towel bars
  • toilet paper holder
  • and the ‘cursed’ toilet!

What I learned about buying a toilet!

A few years back, we did replace that toilet. We went to the store, picked the medium priced one and install it. That’s it, done!

So 2 weeks ago, we were in Home Depot (a big home renovation/hardware store) and were staring at this wall display of about 15 different toilets, ranging in price from $$ to $$$. I took the photo above.

Now picture this: there were us, another couple and 2 ladies asking questions to the clerk and learning a lot especially from the 2 ladies, I guess they had been at it for while. Strangers in the store talking about being comfortable on a toilet, it was funny. We even met them again in another store where they were toilets set up on the floor, so there we were all trying out the toilets in the middle of the store.

Here’s What You Have to Consider to Find the Perfect Fit!

I’m serious, not all toilets are created equal.

  • the height, yep there are different heights!
  • the shape, round or elongated, which is best for your bum
  • the length, make sure you’re not too close to the wall in front, follow the building code
  • skirted
  • the flushing hole diameter, 3 inches is the best
  • floating or not
  • the size of the water container
  • single flush or dual flush
  • one-piece or two-piece
  • the price

So after we learn all of the above, I knew what I wanted: 17 1/2 high, elongated and skirted which means it’s a straight wall under the bowl to the floor, so no spots to accumulate hard to clean dirt. At my age I want the least dirt accumulation anywhere, I want flat surfaces as much as I can!

BUT then the curse started!

skirted-toiletNone had everything I wanted/needed. It was either round and high with no skirt, or elongated with a skirt but low, or round and high with skirt. And then of course at some point we were also looking at the price.

After going back and forth reading all the specs of each toilet on display, I settled on this one, it is elongated but not as long as others, it is skirted but it’s just under 16” high. Seriously, it took at least an hour.

But damn,it doesn’t stop there!

After it was delivered and I was reading the height on the box which was not the same as we saw in the store, I went on their website to see what it said. But I started to read the reviews instead. . . yes I know, a bit late.

Almost everyone was saying that it was very very difficult to install and it is very heavy, since it’s all one piece, which I never paid attention to while looking at the specs. I’m glad our ‘renovation guy’ is the one installing it. And a lady mentioned that it must have been designed and reviewed by men only because the seat is narrower than the porcelain bowl and therefore it’s cold and unpleasant. She had to change the seat.

Maybe we’ll be lucky and everything will go well. . . . we’ll soon find out.

Stay tune for the continued saga of the cursed toilet!

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Hi, from what I read, the reservoir is not isolated. Do you have any moisture forming on the reservoir when it’s hot?


Hello Lise,
I’m about to buy the same toilet. How do you like it after a few months of trial? πŸ™‚
I’m concerned about the flush power and the small seat for the porcelain bowl.


Now, what is the exact brand and model of that perfect toilet?


Ok. You made me laugh! I’ve been through a couple of bathroom renovations and there are ALWAYS surprises. I hope that you’ve reached the last of your bathroom saga.


Good to know all this.We need new toilets.We have to use a plunger all the time.