Some of the Weird Things People do on Cruises

Weird things people do on cruises

Over the years, I’ve seen or heard of strange things people do on cruises. When you’re on a ship with thousands of passengers, you get to do a lot of people watching. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder!

Next time you go on a cruise, don’t be like that

Not reading the ship’s daily program

Every cruise line prints and delivers to your cabin a daily program listing everything happening each day.

Story #1
Near the end of the cruise, luggage tags will be in your cabin and colored according to the time you need to get off the ship. If you’re not happy with the time, you can go where they specify and you can change.

Now this lady was in line in front of my husband. After a minute or 2, she turned around and ask him what the line was for! He said it was to change the luggage tags. To which she said, how did you know about that? So my husband replied it was mentioned in the ‘Princess patter’. And the lady explained, with a straight face, that she never reads the daily program but takes them home to read later!

Story #2
A lady that worked with my husband went on her first cruise. My husband had probably convinced her to go since he’s passionate about cruising.

When she returned she mentioned that for the first few days, she didn’t understand why we loved cruising so much. It was boring as not much was happening. It turned out that she ignored the daily program and had no idea there were activities, shows etc. going on all over the ship.

Don’t Ask to get off the ship

We’re on a cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii, which includes 5 days at sea. Since we’re in the Pacific ocean, it could be a bit choppy.

It’s day 3, so we’re halfway there – in the middle of nowhere, and there is a lady at the Guest Services counter asking to get off ship IMMEDIATELY! The receptionist explains it’s not possible of course. But she is adamant, and she is screaming at this point that it has to be NOW.

I didn’t stick around to see what happened next but I can imagine that someone gently took her somewhere else on the ship, the medical center perhaps? 🙂

Don’t Carry your Purse on the Ship

Your cruise ship is your hotel where you sleep, eat, get entertained, shop, walk around. You are not on the street of a big city. You don’t need cash, you don’t need to carry your cosmetic bag or anything else that goes in your purse.

All you need during the day is a tote to carry your pool towel, your book, your phone for pictures, maybe a water bottle and your keycard.

weird things people do on a cruise

One day, during lunch at the buffet, this lady was in line in front of me and she had this huge purse hanging from her shoulder. It was almost touching my plate so I had to stay back. Then it kept falling off her shoulder and almost knocking the food. What the heck??

And in the evening, I would also see ladies carrying huge purses to the theatre or to the main dining room. Why? Really curious as to what they pack in there.

Before you leave home, buy a small bag, just big enough to carry key card, tissues, cell phone (if you must), lipstick. That’s all you need.

Don’t hug lounge chairs

It’s ok to reserve your chair by leaving a towel or book on it while you go to the bathroom, get a snack, or a drink.

But it’s not ok to do that and not come back for hours. I’ve seen people do that and it infuriates me to no end, so much so that I have taken the towels off and use the chairs for ourselves.

Don’t be late

Ever heard the expression ‘pier runners’? It’s a term used by seasoned cruisers that applies to people who are late coming back to the ship.  And they usually run. Some make it, others don’t! Yep, be warned, the ship will usually wait about 30 minutes or so pass the boarding time. Then once the ropes and the gangway have been unhooked, the ship cannot come back.

Some pier runners have been lucky, others like these people have ‘missed the boat’.

At the buffet restaurant

I’ve seen so many people line up at the buffet first, with their tote or huge purse LOL and then just walk around and around looking for a table. Why?

Just go find a table first, put something on it to reserve it, like sunglasses, towel, a sweater or your key card, then go get your food. This way everyone in your party eats at the same time.

*This one is a matter of taste I guess, but why do some people pile up their plate with the main course PLUS their dessert on that same plate!! Are they too lazy to get up again for the sweet stuff?*


My friend Cynthia told me this one:

“During an evening of karaoke in one of the jazz rooms, this one lady BROUGHT HER OWN CD OF ACCOMPANYING MUSIC to perform HER OWN SONGS…and she kept singing and singing and singing…. She treated it as if it were her own show, “A Night with ME” …the audience (which was LARGE) gave her a healthy clap the first time, somewhat healthy the second time and by the third time …well not so much!”

Did you ever encountered weird things people do on a cruise?


    1. Oh Ajay, that’s a very good point and I think I’ll write a post on that topic next. Thanks 🙂

  1. Have never been on a cruise, Its hilarious that the lady took the daily program to read when she got home, aaahhh people!!!

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