Turning 50 on a train in Alaska!

It was 18 years ago that my husband asked me: "So what do you want to do for your 50th birthday? Have a party and stick around here OR go away (read: "run" away) on a trip?" ~ Well, that was an easy choice ~ And that's how a travel plan was set in motion for a seven-day Alaska cruise … [Read more...]

Winter Memories: the good, the bad and the ugly!

This past Sunday was Easter and as I sat on my deck in the sun (still with my winter jacket though) and delighted that Spring was finally here, I got to thinking that this winter wasn't so bad, not much snow and not so cold compared to other ones we have lived through. Sidebar: the weather people … [Read more...]

I’m no Yogi and I don’t care!

Let's do the cow, the cat, downward dog, upward dog, the tree . . .if you would have asked me what these words have in common 6 months ago, I would have said: Hummm! a farm?? You see that's when I decided to step outside the box and tried something new: Yoga. Actually I had taken one class a … [Read more...]