Winter Memories: the good, the bad and the ugly!

winter on the deck
This past Sunday was Easter and as I sat on my deck in the sun (still with my winter jacket though) and delighted that Spring was finally here, I got to thinking that this winter wasn’t so bad, not much snow and not so cold compared to other ones we have lived through.

Sidebar: the weather people are now predicting a snow storm next week, seriously? But then again, they are almost always wrong, so let’s hope for the best.

Let’s take a look at a few of my winter memories over the years. . .


winter beauty

. The snow makes for beautiful pictures.

. The dogs have clean paws when they come in from outside.

. If you do an activity outside, you get to enjoy the winter.

In my 50’s I started downhill skiing again and with the help of a friend, who was very good, I practice my turns by following her down the slopes.

I would go 3 times a week. I would take my daughter to school and drove about 1:30 minutes to the same mountain in the Laurentians and we would ski for about 4 hours, it was great since there were not too many people, so no wait in line for the chairlift.

Some spring days, it was sunny and warm and very enjoyable.

Lise snowshoesAfter I had knee operations, I couldn’t downhill ski anymore, so I went back to cross-country again (which I did a lot when I was in my 20’s). Very peaceful and beautiful landscapes.

But the weather being unpredictable, all this prep of deciding on the right wax and applying it got the best of me.

Then 2 years ago, I bought myself snow shoes. Easy to put on and no special boots. Just snap them on and start walking.

It might seem like an easy exercise, but it is quite the workout.

Anita snowshoesMy friend Anita and I have gone out a few times on the golf course around here.

It was beautiful, but 2 weeks ago was probably our last time.

As you can see in the picture, there were patches of grass pretty much everywhere 🙂


The snowstorms. I’m not talking about the soft 2 feet of snow, but the ones with blizzards and 3+ feet of snow.

winter March 2009
March 2009

7 years ago, my daughter lived about 15 minutes away and she had a 6 month old puppy. On this particular Saturday night, she was going to a birthday dinner and asked if we could go and take the puppy out for his poop business. No problem.

It was about 7:30pm when we left home (my husband insisted to come with me because it was snowing, but it didn’t seem that bad). In the first 10 minutes, the road wasn’t too bad, the snowplow had gone by. But then, we were on a stretch of the road where it hadn’t been.

Oh boy! there were farm fields on one side of this road and the wind was blowing so hard that there was a lot of snow accumulating and it was getting harder to drive. We turned around but a car was stuck in the middle of the road, my husband tried to push but this guy was really stuck. We turned around again and tried again to get ahead but all of a sudden, there were cars after cars lined up in front of us and just not moving. We couldn’t go forward or backward. We could only stay where we were. Good thing we had plenty of gas and a cell phone. So we just waited, and waited for something, anything to happen.

We called our daughter at the restaurant and she was able to make it home, as the road wasn’t that bad where she was.

We were stuck there for 7 hours in the car

During that time, I had to pee 3 times outside freezing my butt. The wind was so strong, that my pee was going sideways.

At some point my husband decided to get out and go talk to the other driver in the car in front of us. He came back almost falling in the snow, full of ice on his jeans (yep only a man would go out in a storm without high boots) and he was having trouble breathing. Only to find out we were the only ones still in our car. We learned later that everyone else had gone to a house not too far, when the weather is not so awful. It was 1 am when a skidoo came along and took us there as well.

Finally around 3:30 am a tractor cleared the road just wide enough for a car and we made it home at 4am only to have to shovel the end of the driveway because the snowplow had gone by and created a big snowbank.

This puppy is now 8 years old and lives with us.


The infamous Great Ice Storm of January 1998

great ice storm of 1998
Huge pilons toppled over via

Millions had no power some for days, others for weeks and months. The ice storm led to the largest deployment of Canadian military personnel since the Korean War, with over 16,000 Canadian Forces personnel deployed, 12,000 in Quebec and 4,000 in Ontario at the height of the crisis.(according to wikipedia)

The kids were going back to school after the Christmas Holidays, but what started as a ‘normal’ freezing rain day and no power, lasted for 12 days for us here in Hudson, Quebec. After a day, it was getting pretty cold in the house, but the scenery was beautiful outside.

ice storm 1998
2 inches of ice on a small twig via

Our house has the open concept, so the living room where the fireplace is has no doors, which means not easy to keep the warmth within. At some point we hung a huge plastic to try to help save heath.

We also had no water! so my husband had to go to his mother’s, who lived 5 minutes away, every day to fill up big buckets of water. Not only for drinking, cooking but to flush the toilets 🙂

It was quite the experience.

The Snowstorm Of The Century – March 4th 1971

I was 23 at the time and still lived with my parents (yeah! I know…) and what I remember the most is that my car was literally covered in snow up to the roof! 43.2 centimetres (17 inches) of snow fell but the winds were so strong that they caused snowdrift onto the streets.

snow storm 1971
That is a stop sign beside the kids! via

Also people were using cross-country skis and snowmobiles to get around in the middle of the street.

Check out more pictures of the 12 worst winter storms in the history of Montreal

I’m sooo ready for my flipflops!

What about you? Do you get snow where you live?

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Oh my goodness!! We are a tough bunch who live in this climate!! This year I shoveled once and that is crazy. And springtime in Upstate is Easter was 70 and we were wearing shorts and it is supposed to be like 20. Spring and summer come soon!!

Nancy Ulrich

Flip-flops NEVER go out of season here. And you’re always welcome!