Would you do it at 92?

Cn Tower edge walk older person
photo courtesy of CN Tower Edge Walk

At 92 years young, Emily Aird, a resident of my little town of 5,000 Hudson, Quebec, decided to do the Edge Walk atop the CN Tower in Toronto.

This involves slowly walking 150 metres outside around the circumference of the observation deck – with no handrails to hang on to – some 356 metres above the city below. She is walking where the red arrow is on the right picture.

When asked why in an interview at her house, she simply replied:  “Because I saw a woman of 85 doing it on TV and I thought to myself, ‘Hey I can do that. Should be fun’.”

I laughed out loud when I read in my local newspaper that before going, she walked in her doctor’s office here in town and calmly informed him that she was planning to do the Edge Walk and if they ask her if she’s fit enough to do it, would the doctor put it in writing that she was? His response was: “Oh My God”

In the last few years, Emily has also done bungee jumping in New Zealand and Canada, and has skydived. Her next adventure will be bungee jumping again in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games next year.

I’m never going to go bungee jump or skydive, are you kidding me! I’m too scared of heights…I could not even go across the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge near Vancouver!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

I tried for about 20 steps while holding on to the railing but when kids started to run and make the darn bridge move up and down, I almost peed in my pants…I turned around and never looked back.

But I’m all for trying stuff on firm ground, as long as I don’t embarrass my daughter!

We’ve heard it before or even said it ourselves to someone: Act your age.

It’s often said to teenagers, but also definitely to men! when they’re being childish.

I’m all for being a responsible mature person, well most of the time, but as I get older, I like more and more being different and refuse to be stereotyped into my age bracket.

I firmly believe that NOT acting your age is essential when you’re over 60.

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Would you do it at 92 or any age?

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I might. But there’s plenty of other stupid things I want to do first!


Phew when I read the headline I thought you were talking about sex… What a surprise… Lol… But I’m with you… No way am I going up to those heights! Bungee jumping for me would equal pooping in my pants… I’m terrified of heights and also will pee my pants… Talk about graphic…sorry…