Lise Galipeau | Simply Lise

Hi! I’m Lise

Absolute geek, avid traveler, a cool grandmother who would rather be at my computer than in the kitchen cooking!

Simply Lise is about our travel destinations, all the easy recipes I collect and tips to design your own blog.

The Travel Section

We’ve travelled to many countries around the world, from North to South and around the globe. In the last few years, our mode of transportation to these wonderful destinations has been by cruise ships.

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Photo Tour of Delicious Food we Enjoyed on Caribbean Princess

December 9, 2019

Delicious food we enjoyed on Caribbean Princess is included in the Main Dining Rooms, in the Marketplace Buffet, at the…

The Food Section

As mentioned before, I really really do not like to cook! But since we do have to eat, I have a collection of very easy recipes that I add here. Nothing fancy, more like ‘everyday’ cooking. During this year of the pandemic (2020) I’ve discovered that enjoy baking though.

The DIY Blog Design Section

After being a web designer for 15 years, I retired from it last year and only focus on my blogs now. And that includes sharing blog design tips to help all the new bloggers just starting their journey.

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How the Internet has changed our lives, for the better I say

July 10, 2020

Let’s take a look at how the internet has changed our lives. Did you know the first web page went…

The This & That Section

Here I talk about life stuff, such as being a grandmother, hobbies, around the house, random thoughts, our dogs, a truly this and that section!

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Life is an Adventure Full of Surprises

April 26, 2020

Life is an adventure through uncharted territory. It’s full of ‘first’. First tooth. First step. First day of school. First…