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Hi! I’m Lise

An absolute geek, an avid traveler, a cool grandmother who would rather be at her computer than in the kitchen cooking!

Simply Lise is about all the easy recipes I collect, our travel destinations, and my new obsession: creating printables for you.

I’m proud to share products from my Zazzle store where all the artwork is mine.

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Are you a dog lover?

You will find some very interesting stuff in this new category: K9s Corner. Even though we’ve had dogs for the last 35 years and still have 3 right now, I still learned a lot while doing research for these posts. Enjoy!

Boone in agility

Introduction to Dog Agility Training

action shots above were taken by photographer Jacques Beauvais My friend Brenda (also our dog sitter) and her Golden Retriever,
Winston, the Golden Retriever

Let’s See What Makes Golden Retrievers so Special

I’m writing this post in memory of my friend Penney’s dog, Winston, a beautiful Golden Retriever who sadly passed away not long
23 types of working dogs

23 types of working dogs and the jobs they do

I’m fascinated by how well-trained working dogs are. I love to watch Rex, a police dog in a Canadian TV series called “Hudson