Lise Galipeau | Simply Lise

Hi! I’m Lise Galipeau

Retired web designer, grandmother to 2 adorable grandsons, dog lover, digital artist, travel enthusiast who would rather be at her computer than in the kitchen cooking!

My renewed passion for drawing/painting is now digital! I used to paint with oil and draw with charcoal pencils, but my iPad is now my canvas.

My Digital Artwork

I’ve been playing with oil painting and charcoal drawing on and off since I was about 10 years old. I have done landscapes and a few portraits, which are displayed all over my house 🙂 Now I switched to digital painting and absolutely love it.

Here’s a sample of my digital paintings and drawings. These were done on my iPad using my Apple pencil and an app called Procreate, which provides the canvas, brushes of all types and color palettes. I paint/draw on it just as I would on paper or canvas.

* Click on image to see full size *

Would you like a digital painting?

I would love to do one for you

What is Procreate?

Procreate is an app for iPad that has everything I need to create sketches and paintings. Although I don’t venture into illustrations and animations , other artists do. It’s a complete art studio I can take anywhere.

Traditional VS digital art

Getting ready to paint with the oil medium is quite tedious, especially if you don’t have a dedicated space to leave everything in place after each session.

It involves setting up the easel, preparing the canvas, the paints and the brushes. And you need to set aside at least 3 hours of free time to be able to work without interruptions and enjoy the process. And it’s also messy.

When I decide to do a digital painting, all I need is to sit comfortably, open my iPad, start the app and use my Apple pencil.

I can work on a project for an hour or so, save it and come back to it any time I want and finish it at leisure. Once I’m done with a painting, I can download it and print it.

What can you do with digital art?

You can download to your devices and use as wallpaper.

You can print it on your home computer but that would probably be expensive as it will use a lot of ink.

You can do like I did. For the 2 dogs printed on canvas I used an online company. For my grandsons, I used a local pharmacy online photo service, which included the frames. I’m very happy with how both options came out.

Lastly, you can use a digital painting to print it on many different items such as mug, pillow, magnet and many more. Check Zazzle where you can create these yourself.