50 Fun Hobbies for Over 50 Women to Enjoy

Start a new hobby like photography

Have you been searching hobbies for over 50 women?

Maybe you’re an empty nester now and need to find fun hobbies for women specifically.

Maybe you’re retired and want to keep busy.

What is a hobby?

Wikipedia says: A hobby is an activity, interest, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, done during one’s own time.

My husband’s hobby is playing golf, not sure it’s always relaxing for him, might be more frustrating at times. Definitely not my thing.

I used to paint a long time ago. I loved it but since I don’t have a studio where I can leave everything set up, it’s more work than fun. Drawing is better for sure. I should take it up again.

Except I’m very digital now, writing on this blog, play with web design still, and I started learning how to use this app called Procreate to draw right on my iPad.

I’m convinced it’s really important as we get older to find some hobbies and crafts to suit our lifestyle and keep our brain young and healthy.

It’s never too late to learn a new skill or go back to an old one.

Fun hobbies for over 50 women

l. Crochet

This doesn’t require many tools and you can create so many cute things nowadays, such as little dolls or animals.

2. Knitting

Again, you only need needles and some wool to get you started. And you can take it anywhere. My sister-in-law takes hers in the car, of course my brother is driving. She even knits in front of the TV.

3. Sewing

This of course requires a sewing machine. Maybe you have one and haven’t used it in a while. If you like sewing, maybe try making clothes for grandchildren or even for dolls.

4. Scrapbooking

You’ll need some supplies for this and I remember going to a store with my daughter when she was into scrapbooking and OMG! so much to choose from. You could create special books as gifts for family. Check out these scrapbooking supplies.

5. Quilting

If your hands are working fine, making a quilt could keep you busy for while. I’m sure there are quilting groups in your area. I remember on our cruise last year, there was a group of quilters on the ship and they met every day.

6. Photography

Go out on walks and discover your town, people, animals to take pictures of. Take an online course to get better at it. You don’t need an expensive camera. Or just use your smartphone for beautiful pictures.

7. Learn to Paint

Yes it’s never too late. Maybe you have the talent and you don’t know it. Or do as I did, download Procreate on your iPad and follow this lady’s free tutorials.

8. Adult Coloring Books

Yes coloring can be so much fun and relaxing. You can buy a box of crayola crayons and a book of Mandalas to colour. Will help your focus and your mind. You can find all kinds of coloring books for grown-ups on Amazon, Walmart or local book stores.

9. Biking

Now that’s my thing in the summer here. Because there are many hills in my little town, a few years ago I bought an electric bike and no it’s not cheating LOL. And last year I also bought a second-hand regular bike to go further than my town on bike paths.

10. Cake Decorating

If you like baking, then this could be your way of creating beautiful cakes. You can find cake decorating classes near you or online. Hey! you’ll be the family go-to for the next birthday cake.

11. Repurpose Furniture

Visit flea markets, garage sales or estate sales where you can maybe discover great finds you can then repurpose. I’ve seen some amazing stuff on Pinterest so I started a board especially for it.

12. Running/jogging

If your legs and knees permit this activity, then it’s never too late to start. I just read in my local paper about a lady who took up running at the age of 86 and completed 5 marathons, the last one at 92. She passed away in 2019 at 100!

13. Gardening

Of course where I live it’s a summer hobby, but for those of you living in a no-snow, no-cold zone 🙂 it would be a nice way to be outside and watch your garden come to life. My daughter started a vegetable garden this year for the first time and it’s so full of delicious and fresh tomatoes, broccoli, coriander, lettuce, etc. Need some tools?

Fresh vegetables from your backyard

14. Do Puzzles

You might start small and go big. All sizes are available at local stores or online, which is the old fashion way or download an an app on your iPad or tablet.

15. Trace your Ancestry

Now this one is for someone that love mysteries but also has a lot of patience. My sister-in-law started doing this as a winter project a few years ago and she still doing it. It takes a lot of research and she loves it. She’s both her side of the family and my family tree.

16. Yoga

A few years ago, I joined a class given by a friend of mine. I didn’t think it would be my lifestyle. I liked to move more, but was I wrong. Once a week at 2pm on a Friday I was there and for the first 5 minutes you lie down on your mat and relax. It would take at least 3 minutes for my brain to stop thinking about the blog, dogs, etc. But by the time we got into doing the poses, I was totally focusing on those instead of life stuff.

Unfortunately, because I thought I could do a certain pose the same way the younger ones were trying, my foot slid off the wall and I broke my big toe!

If you decide to do it on your own at home, you’ll want to buy a yoga starter set.

17. Boxing

I would love to do boxing or punch a bag! I’m sure it helps to get all your frustrations out.

18. Learn to Play the Guitar or Another Instrument

Have you ever wondered if you have the talent to play the guitar? Well now it’s the time to find out. There are even online classes.

19. Bird Watching

If you live in the city, you might not get to see many birds. So when you have a chance, drive to the country and bring your binoculars. You might need to buy a book to know which birds you are looking at. You might be able to find bird watching groups/clubs near you. I know we have one here in my town and they even count the birds!

20. Pole Dancing

AhAh, yes pole dancing is a great exercise, but I guess you would need flexibility. If you’re good to go on that front, go for it. If nothing else, you’ll have a blast laughing.

21. Rock Climbing

I’m afraid of heights, but when I was in my 60’s I joined an inside rock climbing club. I was hard but was fun. I did manage to let go of my fear for a bit 🙂

22. Dancing/Dance Competition

Do you have a partner who is a good dancer? Why not go dancing and compete for fun.

23. Learn Origami

Everybody can learn it according to this site – you can entertain grandchildren with your new skill.

24. Pottery

That could be fun and funny, depending on your dexterity. I’ve seen videos of someone at the turn table creating some awkward pots! Your best bet is to find a place locally that offer classes which would include all the tools you need.

25. Blogging

Of course I had to include it here in this list of hobbies for women (or men). This is my hobby. If you want to start a blog, there’s nothing that can stop you. But it’s not as easy as one might think. Bloggers wear a lot of hats, from writing, to marketing, to being creative, but I love it and you might too.

26. Swimming

It’s a good exercise especially if your body parts are not quite functioning like they used to, such as my knees.

27. Ice Skating

Yes it can be available inside or outside depending on where you live. All you need is a pair of skates and some friends to go with you.

28. Roller Blading

I loved it while I could do it. I stopped 2 years ago as my knees got worst and I didn’t feel too steady on my legs. I always wore knee and elbow pads (I looked like Rambo) gloves and helmet. I miss it a lot. It is what it is.

29. Hiking

Nature is always a good place to relax and enjoy life. The birds, the animals, the views. What’s not to love. Discover new hiking trails every week and take pictures.

30. Learn Karate

Karate is also a great hobby for the mind and the body. Start as a beginner with a white belt and aim to get your black belt.

31. Jewelry Making

Bring your creativity forward and try your hand at it. Why not make some jewelry as gifts for this Christmas.

Here’s a tutorial for beginners I found on Youtube.

32. DIY Miniature Dollhouse

OMG! I had no idea these kit existed. Welcome to the world of dollhouses. So tiny but oh so darn cute. You’ll need patience and small hands I think.

33. Auction Hunting

Find some treasures and then resell them. Buy some furniture and repurpose it. Who knows what you’ll find.

34. Cooking Lessons

Even if you know how to cook, (I guess when you reach a certain age you should know how lol) you might want to learn specific type of cuisines, like Italian or Asian, etc. A local lady was giving classes in her home but because of covid-19 started giving the classes online. Here’s your chance.

35. Writing

Are you good with words? Ever dreamed of writing a book? Here’s your chance. Will it be a kid’s book or a romance, or mystery novel?

36. Pet Care

Either offer your services for dog walking and charge for it, or volunteer at a shelter but if you do, you better make sure you are ok with not wanting to adopt all of them!

37. Bowling

I was never ever good at this. But if you are or want to know if you are, then go for it and have fun. Join a team and enjoy regular games

38. Tennis

A game you can play indoor and outdoor. If you never played before, take some classes. A very good exercise that will keep your heart pumping. Join a club so you can be in competitions.

39. Needle Felting

I had never heard of this until I did some research on hobbies. This craft lets you make adorably fuzzy animals like these I found on this site.

40. Learn Calligraphy

You’ll find tutorials online. Practice and make your own birthday and holiday cards. Impress your friends and family.

41. Learn Woodworking

If you like working with your hands, find a woodworking class in your area. Or look for some online, if you have the tools.

42. Chess

Learn to play chess. Read online about different tactics. Find local tournaments. Here’s a whole page of chess related topics.

43. Play Golf

If you don’t know how to play, take lessons from the Pro. If you don’t belong to a country club, there are public golfs that are cheaper.

44. Learning Self-Defense

It will build your confidence and give you a satisfying workout.

45. Make a Terrarium

Get yourself a DIY kit and make your own tiny garden. Look online for tutorials.

46. Bonsai Trees

Learn how to grow and maintain these amazing tiny trees. Here’s a site to help you started.

47. Online Courses

There are so many different courses you can find online to expand your knowledge. Some are free others are not very expensive.

48. Embroidery

It’s pretty easy to learn and requires just a few items to start, like some fabric, a hoop, needles and thread. 

49. Open an Etsy Shop

If you’re good with crafts and have unique products, you can start selling them on Etsy and make money from your hobby.

50. Make Pressed Flowers

Create something different with pressed flowers. You can use them in various craft projects, such as candles, dishes, frame art, gift tags and more. You’ll find more info here on Melissa’s site.

So what will you do for fun?


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