A Cruise to Norway is the Best Way to See Amazing Fjords

Cruise to Norway

A cruise to Norway Fjords had been on my bucket list and OMG! I was not disappointed. The scenery is absolutely amazing. Makes you feel very small!

In June 2013, we took a 12-day North Cape & Norwegian Fjords Cruise on the Caribbean Princess and it was the most breath-taking landscape I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved it, I think even more than Alaska.

Cruise Itinerary

We flew from Montreal to London, England and transferred by bus to Southampton Port to board our ship.

Our first day was at sea navigating through the oil and gas fields of the North Sea.


Early in the morning of day 2, with a port pilot onboard, we entered the Norwegian Fjords that would take us to our first port, Bergen. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes to sail a distance of 36 miles.

We opted to walk around town and then took the Funicular to get the best view of our ship and the city.

Berger port, Norway
Bergen, view from top of mountain

On our way to Flaam

very small fishing village on our way to Flaam
Very small fishing village
Everyone has a view here!


During the night, we entered Sognefjord, which is Norway’s deepest and longest fjord, at 130 miles long and up to 4,291 feet deep. At some point we turn into another fjord, and eventually arrive in Flaam, located at the very end of the fjord.

Flaam is a tiny port and the ship docks right into town.

Caribbean Princess in Flaam

The main and very popular attraction is the train ride to Myrdal (12 miles away) and the station is right there at the pier.

You need to buy your tickets in advance and not wait till you are in town as it might be sold out. We got together with a group we found on CruiseCritics. One person bought the tickets and we met at the station.

The train winds its way along steep terrains and through the mountains. The views are spectacular…snow covered mountains, valleys, houses here and there, waterfalls.

View from the train – Flaam
Another view from train

It makes a stop at a waterfall which is so closed you might get wet!

We got off at the Myrdal station and just took in the truly spectacular scenery! We waited for the return train and back to the pier and the ship.


We sailed throughout the evening and night, first along the coast of Norway and then through Storfjord, which is very narrow. I loved being so close to the facades.

Caribbean Princess navigates through narrow fjord

We passed the famous Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

We arrived at our next port, Geiranger.

We hiked up the mountain facing the port to enjoy the view.

Geiranger Fjord - Norway

And I had to take the traditional picture of the local Troll!

The Troll

Arctic Circle & Midnight Sun

The next day was at sea, sailing towards the top of Europe and North Cape. We crossed the Arctic Circle at 11:50pm, and received our certificate in our cabin the next day.

Did you know the Arctic Circle is not fixed and fluctuates 2 degrees over a 40,000 year period?

As you can see in the picture, we are up at midnight and it still very bright outside.

Honningsvag and North Cape Cliffs

We stayed onboard and enjoyed the view and the fact that we made it to the most Northern point of Europe.

North Cape in the background

Notice the writing on my husband’s t-shirt… the top part hidden by the note says: I don’t need Google and the rest you can see. Such a true statement!


On this day, with the help of the port pilot, we entered fjords again and navigated 25 miles towards our next port, Tromso.

We took a city tour and the cable car, and of course I can’t find any photos I would have taken from the top! I’m getting much better these days at taking pictures.

Gravdal (Lofoten Islands)

It’s a small village, so we just walked around and went to visit the Viking Museum, which includes 3 reconstructed Viking ships.

Next day was at sea.


I loved the picturesque houses, right next to the ship, which is docked in the middle of this charming town.

Taken from my balcony on the ship….it looks like a miniature village for dolls

On the spur of the moment, we decided to buy tickets for a boat tour through the Lysefjord, where we can see the Pulpit Rock, an overhang of rock which towers almost 2,000 feet over the fjord. Many photographers and hikers have taken stunning pictures from up there.

Pulpit Rock, Norway

After the sightseeing tour, we just walked around town.

The last day was at sea and then we were back in Southampton and flew home that afternoon.

This was so much fun going through my pictures and remembering what we saw and did.

Thank goodness my husband keeps everything! I mean all the paperwork, schedule, pamphlets of each port, etc. for each cruise we ever took 🙂

If you love unique landscapes, you should consider a cruise through Norway Fjords.


  1. Hi Lise, I just re-read this post and forgot just how much I loved it. What a wonderful trip, the Midnight picture with the sun out is great! And since sharing is caring, I shared this on FB, and pinned it!

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