A look at our Bathroom Makeover

Finally I can show you the before and after pictures of our bathroom makeover. Last November finally came the most anticipated (by me) day of the year: the start of our guest (and mine) bathroom renovation. It was way outdated, with ugly beige tiles, even including some tiles with a … [Read more...]

10 cooking tips I learned from watching Food Network TV

I'm a food-competition junkie, not participating of course but watching on TV and I'm not afraid to admit it. It doesn't make much sense though because I just hate cooking...no really, I hate it. I know lots of people who love cooking and they say it de-stresses them...hello! Why? You're standing … [Read more...]

Would you do it at 92?

At 92 years young, Emily Aird, a resident of my little town of 5,000 Hudson, Quebec, decided to do the Edge Walk atop the CN Tower in Toronto. This involves slowly walking 150 metres outside around the circumference of the observation deck – with no handrails to hang on to – some 356 metres … [Read more...]